CEPA campaign (Communication & Environmental Public Awareness)

This campaign aimed to reach different targets using innovative approaches to promote Communication, Education and Public Awareness. The campaign enhanced EE/ESD capacity building amongst various audience including artist and the general public. This was done through several developed art and environmental communication approaches, using mobile exhibition, comedy, comic, street catch and live quiz as tool for communication. Below are the CEPA approaches.


In collaboration with GIZ and MET, EduVentures implemented several Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) events by familiarizing people with the dimensions of global biological and cultural diversity, as well as helping them to develop essential skills while engaging with biodiversity. Likewise the Biodiversity Action Days in Namibia. As the name implies, a National Action Day on Biodiversity spurs people to action. During the Action Day, a broad range of stakeholders come together at a predetermined site to analyze the features of a specific ecosystem. EduVentures developed innovative concepts to organize awareness events like desertification, water, wetlands, arbor days and National Heritage Week Campaigns.


Street Catch

An environmental street catch show was initiated. The idea involved going out in the streets and approach members of the public to converse in environmental topics and asked them an environmental question and film the scene. This resulted in three shows within nine months with 275 427 views.

Enviro Quiz

An environmental quiz that is performed live on a social media platform (Instagram LIVE) questioned public audience on environmental and CoVID-19 topics. Four shows in two months has reached 24 322 views.

Enviro Comedy

Enviro Comedy

Enviro Comedy is a Project that serves to create awareness on environmental issues like, Climate change, poaching, deforestation and so on. The idea is to entertain the people on serious and important issues while being amused. Many of the time listeners tend to get bored and sleep when the speech or the teaching method is too formal. Art is a very powerful tool when it comes to educating people, it is easier to convey a message through an element that is entertaining and enjoyable. Essentially, humor activates our sense of wonder, which is where learning begins, so it seems logical that humor could enhance our method of creating awareness on environmental issues. This method is also known as Edutainment.

Mass Media

The use of comics in education is based on the concept of creating engagement and motivation for students. Images and stories to boost the impact of Namibian conservation communications. The challenge of climate change requires new communication approaches. A key strategy recommended by U.K. researchers in 2015 is to “Communicate through images and stories.” They note that “most people understand the world through stories and images, not lists of numbers, probability statements, or technical graphs, and so finding ways of translating and interpreting the technical language found in scientific reports into something more engaging is crucial.” EduVentures have developed a uniquely engaging, local adventure comic books and that translates urgent ecological messaging in precisely this way, to inform, change attitudes and build buy-in for action. Namibia’s national newspaper partnered on this project to insert the comic for free to readers, inside every issue of the newspaper sold every two months: 40,000 copies to urban and rural areas nationwide, for a total of 240,000 copies in the first year were distributed nationwide.